what is "feelin' okaicos"?

what is "feelin' okaicos"?

In 2014, we created OKAICOS while vacationing with family on a fishing boat in Turks & Caicos. In that moment, we felt "okay". We were "Feelin' OKAICOS". The island has always been our safe place. A place we go to forget about outside noise, distractions and societies expectations of how we should be or act.

Based on our experiences and our personal story, we have outlined five steps to get you "feelin' OKAICOS" to capture that same exact feeling we experienced on that boat in 2014. The five steps are:

  1. Travel, meet new people, put yourself out there.
  2. Don't pressure yourself, what's meant to be won't pass you up.
  3. Stay positive and let fear go.
  4. Stop comparing yourself, everyone's on their own path.
  5. It's okay to not feel okay.

It took us time to dive into what OKAICOS meant but we knew it was special from the start. The brand has always been a lifestyle and we express that through our content and pictures of blue water, travel, our messaging as well as through the unique products we make. Our goals for the brand are to create great products for our customers, help make you feel good through promoting positive mental health and support (through our content and messaging) and have some fun along the way.

Our story is relatable and through our experiences, have learned that everyone deserves to feel good and be happy. Now and in the future, we are very excited to partner with organizations and other brands who have a similar outlook in order to continue spreading this positive outlook.