Our Story

A patterned waistband

In 2014, while fishing during an annual family vacation to Turks & Caicos, founder Jim Lambert hooked a vision. He envisioned wearing a pair of stylish, comfortable trunks and wanted to capture his passion for the Caribbean and all the region has to offer in a brand and lifestyle.

Our trunks are different

Our trunks are accented with a patterned trim waistband adding unique nautical style to every pair. They're made from performance, stretch material for an athleisure feel, perfect for beach activities. The Caribbean influenced the bright colors you see in our products and content.

More than swimwear

We represent a no worries, relaxed, island lifestyle so many enjoy. Turks & Caicos inspired the brand, but we feel the same mindset should be embraced everywhere. Our hope is that when you wear okaicos, that island lifestyle sets in and no matter where, no matter what, it will be okaicos.