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Offer stylish, quality products at convenient prices

OKAICOS customers are active, on the move, love to travel and feel good while doing so. Our materials are carefully selected with these requirements in mind. We seek to provide innovative apparel that move with you, not against. And just like all of our customers, OKAICOS is unique. Our designs and styles are carefully developed as we look to provide an exclusive experience and offering.

Spread the OKAICOS mindset throughout our network

It's what you feel when vacationing or reuniting with family and close friends. OKAICOS is inspired by the tropics and the vacation lifestyle many enjoy. It’s positive, light hearted and upbeat. Our mission is to spread this “OKAICOS” feeling to everyone who wears the brand.

Provide accessible, first class customer service

OKAICOS is approachable, accessible and friendly. Our community of customers is our extended family and the focus of what we do and why we do it. We provide quality products and believe our customer experience should match. We guarantee fast, personal and reliable service for every customer.

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